Retail inMotion Introduces Crew Food App

The new Retail inMotion Crew Food App can be used by any airline, and has been live with a first customer since May 2018. It allows crew members the possibility to choose and order the meals they want to eat on board before their flights. The app is available via Apple and Android Application and also via Web Application, which provides maximum usage possibility for the crew, regardless of their device.

From a flight schedule that is linked via an interface with the airline, the crew can choose the date and flight they wish to get the meals delivered to. They browse from various food categories that are available to them, choose their preferred meal, add it to their “cart” and pay with their credit or debit card. The crew can always follow the status of their order in the app, so that they are always up-to-date.

Once the status of an order has changed, the crew gets an update via email and via in-app notification. Crew members can create or amend their orders and place orders up to one hour before planned departure of the flight. After their flight is over, they can even rate their meal experience, from delivery to taste of the food. This is done with a “star” rating system with the possibility to provide written feedback, which is later evaluated by administrators.

In the back-office of the app, program administrators can very easily and intuitively manage food categories, products, prices, availability and more. Any changes made in the backend are applied to the app in real-time, so that they are available straight away for the crew.

Reports and order overviews give administrators a transparent overview of the whole operational process. Payments are being processed via Retail inMotion’s well-established, PCI-DSS compliant vPay Payment Gateway to ensure secure and safe transactions.

The Crew Food App is also fully integrated into catering production and logistics systems. Retail inMotion is therewith integrating digital touchpoints for passengers and crew alike with efficient logistics concepts. The back-office is enabled to integrate with multiple production systems, which will allow airlines to roll it out with multiple catering companies, to serve both crew and passengers through new digital touchpoints.

With this new module, Retail inMotion has achieved the next step in its digital retail platform, and further developed and enhanced the full travel journey – in this case, in regards to food for crew members. “We are proud to have our Crew Food App live and even more so that we are receiving fantastic feedback. This is another step in the execution of Retail inMotion’s strategy of building the leading platform to digitalize the passenger, crew and product journey,” commented Stefan Patermann, CEO Retail inMotion.

Retail inMotion, based in Ireland, became a fully integrated member of the LSG Group in 2016. The company’s culture of collaboration and innovation continues to help it to steadily strengthen its position in the global onboard retail industry. Retail inMotion offers propriety products, solutions and services in onboard retail IT technology, crew training, product distribution, inflight entertainment, and fully outsourced onboard retail services.