Digital Menu Card

Digitise the retail & travel experience with our immersive solution

A uniquely delivered digital passenger platform, customised to the right level, will give your service an edge on your competition. This has never been more relevant, as we now find ourselves in a world of social distancing protocols and higher expectations around hygiene standards. The challenge for airlines is to continue delivering engaging content to passengers, while complying with stricter and more complex regulations.

Digital Menu Card

To further enhance the passenger experience and deliver a WOW effect, we have introduced a fully immersive digital magazine that caters to six key needs:

  1. The ability to stay engaged and connected with your passengers via an immersive mobile communications channel
  2. Generate revenue via untapped channels with no risk
  3. Offer passengers a safe to print
  4. Reduce weight and logistics associated with print 
  5. Deliver measurable ROI and value to airline advertisers directly via the new platform

Build up significant knowledge about your passengers, their preferences and their behaviour.