Sustainability as part of
Retail inMotion’s DNA

At Retail inMotion, we believe that integrating sustainability into our DNA is the right way and the only way to do business. We also know that sustainability is essential for every airline. Therefore, we focus on creating inspiring solutions that serve all aspects of the business: people, planet, and mutual prosperity. Through this transformation, we wish to be a catalyst of change in the aviation industry.

Our holistic approach to sustainability encompasses the entire onboard retail value chain, including product selection, sourcing, loading, crew procedures, and the way we work with each other. Our best-in-class solutions reduce cost and waste, while ensuring as many products and resources as possible can be reused or recycled. By working together, we also strive to minimize the environmental impact of our operations and reduce the airlines’ carbon footprint.


Sustainable Product Selection & Sourcing

We support our airline partners in offering a research-proven, sustainable product portfolio. We have a wide portfolio of strong partners offering sustainable products.


Waste Reduction

RiM is constantly working to improve planning and logistics around waste. We use artificial intelligence technology to calculate the airlines’ fresh product demand, while achieving extremely low waste rates.


Load Optimization

Through the use of our business intelligence and data expertise, RiM constantly optimises the airlines’ loading to reduce weight and fuel burn.

Sustainability Vision: “Creators of sustainable Retail inMotion.”

Sustainability mission: “We collaborate in enhancing people’s sustainable journey through our solutions.”