Backoffice & Services

Our core competence in managing an airline’s onboard retail is based on the way we use data collected through the entire value chain,
to keep up-to-date on all operational elements of the program.


Master Data Management

The Vector Back Office provides active directory intergration and enables a fully transparent and traceable audit function.

Access to the system can be controlled by a defined set of user role, with various levels of administrative access and rights. Vector contains a comprehensive audit trail of changes and additions to system data. This module tracks which modifications have been made in the system and by which user.

Data Analytics-01


Our analytics suite is a combination of business intelligence and predictive analytics, providing our customers with a tailored tool to fulfil their passengers’ requirements, adapt to new trends, and to the constant changes within the airline market.

The platform provides a better perspectiveon what’s happening in the business, in a visually engaging way.

Tech Support-01


One of our top priorities is the ongoing service and support we give our customer. Therefore, we established a dedicated, in-house team to provide a full support network, available 27/7, 365 days per year, easily accessible by phone, e-mail or via the web portal. We service customers around the globe and offer support for all of our modules, in both technical and end-user assistance.