The device you want meets the
software you need

We source the most reliable and secure mobile payment devices, as well as printers for use in the warehouse, bond, and onboard the aircraft. Moreover, our sled cases are custom-designed to match an airline’s specific brand identity, while protecting the device. These robust and attractive sled cases are designed to enhance the experience for crew when making sales and accepting payments.

In-flight Service Provider 1.2
In-flight Service Provider 2.1
In-flight Service Provider 3

Creating a Wi-Fi network onboard that meets all the specific requirements of the airline industry is a challenge, which is why we designed a Wi-Fi Box from scratch. 

Our WiFi-Box is tailored to the needs of domestic air travel. This lightweight, portable product generates a powerful Wi-Fi network that can easily be accessed by passengers. They can buy products, communicate with each other, order meals from their seats, and browse on their own device.