The pre-order web shop delivers a full e-commerce suite, designed for pre-flight shopping

Our Pre-Select/Pre-Order solution enables passengers to select their preferred meal (Pre-Select) and purchase food/beverage and duty-free items (Pre-Order) in advance of their flight. The solution can be seamlessly embedded within the airline’s flight booking and check-in processes. It can also be delivered through a standalone e-commerce platform, fully branded to the airline’s requirements. There are also individual Home Delivery web shop solutions to complement the airline’s product portfolio. 


Booking Intergration

The functionalities can be fully integrated into the airline’s website or mobile app.


Web Shop

The standalone web shop can be accessed from the airline’s website, booking process or mobile application

Back Office Orders icon-01


Intuitively designed back office for designing and managing the pre-order and pre-sale offering, including full business rules engine and automated reports. Easy integration with PoS -and caterer solutions, and any elements necessary for fulfilling the pre-order’s journey onto the plane.