Virtual Try-On

Augmented reality solutions are becoming increasingly important in a digital world. Because many products available onboard can’t be physically touched or felt, augmented reality solutions give the customer an experience that emotionally connects them to a product, allowing them to try it on virtually. Retail inMotion has developed a Virtual TryOn App-solution, which is already available on Eurowings Discover flights.






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Virtual Try On

The benefits of Augmented Reality (AR) are supported by scientific research, which shows how this technology can touch us emotionally. AR definitely gives a competitive advantage over conventional inflight shopping magazines.

Virtual Try-On 2.0

Our Virtual TryOn shopping experience is a great tool for the modern onboard retail market. It creates a unique guest experience, reduces physical touchpoints between guests, crew and retail products, and all the while it’s increasing retail revenue. 

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technology to their passengers!