Operational Excellence

Stepping up from an operational supplier to a real partner maximises efficiencies and streamlines onboard retail operations.

Whether as consultants or full managers of your catering and logistics, we guarantee passenger satisfaction by developing operational processes that ensure quality, food safety, and cost efficiency. With our expertise in onboard retail operations, we ensure that your retail program will exceed expectations. 

RiM provides strong operational experience in caterer integration, set-ups, and collaboration. We have vast experience in managing the diverse operational networks of catering and last mile logistics providers, from classic airline caterers to third party providers.

We are the perfect partner to help you strategically manage your service providers all over the world.​

RiM conducts IT testing and release support of Vector solutions, and provides on-site support and operational expertise. We devise and recommend a combination of technology and monitoring to ensure balance between sales, sell-outs, and waste management of fresh food.

Improved Processes

Achieve the most suitable process environment for your retail program and reduce costs, by aligning your processes and your service providers with the requirements of the retail business.

Coordinate with your Catering and Logistic Partners

We speak catering! We are happy to coordinate with your catering and logistic partners and ensure best practices are implemented and fulfilled throughout your entire network.

Manage Quality

Quality is our operational excellence team’s priority! We always have customer experience in mind when we design operational processes.


Supply Chain Management

We deliver accuracy, flexibility, efficiency, and savings across the supply chain, so that you receive the right products in the right quantity at the right time and in the right place, thereby reducing cost
and maximising efficiency.

Forecasting & Predictive Loading

Our access to sales data and back office systems gives us detailed volume forecasting models (based on machine learning algorithmsalgorithm). Through predictive loading, airlines can offer more fresh products on board, while achieving very low wastage rates. The system predicts the optimal product loading for future flights.


Packaging Optimization

RiM’s packing and warehouse expertise means we can review and optimise the caterer packing set-up with while continuously improving processes, at the caterers’ facilities. With different technology models for hub or point-to-point carriers, caterer productivity is increased.

The extra to your Retail Programs’ Success​

Whether in a consulting function or as fully managing your program, we develop operational processes that ensure quality, food safety, and cost efficiency and guarantee your passengers’ happiness