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Our company is a collective of amazing people striving to build delightful products.

Technology Company by choice and retailers at heart – here at Retail inMotion we understand aviation retail like no other. We are the first address for both, legacy carriers seeking the new and newcomers in the low-cost carrier aspiring to level up their onboard concept. We have a global footprint, a broad customer network, strong retail brands and partners, and all tools in-house. Finally, we are big believers in the value of co-creation and collaboration, so we dedicate time and effort towards finding the right enablers in order to develop truly innovative solutions. We understand that in order to create value and unique products that exceed the expectations of our customers, it is crucial to turn stakeholders into partners. And this is where the magic happens.

Who We Are

We are a relatively small company with huge ambitions, a bunch of individuals who have a lot of fun together. Diversity is literally in our DNA, with our flat, international, agile workforce. We make things happen through collaboration, curiosity, communication and creativity.

Who We Are

Our Awards

Platinum Award Winner 2020 | ETIHAD
Retail inMotion and their design partner Identity have been awarded the prestigious Platinum Award at the Hermes Awards for “Vibe”,  Lifestyle Shopping Guide created for Etihad Airways. It covered the latest fashion and lifestyle trends and took readers on a journey to the depths of the luxury universe of top brands, cult products and exclusive releases. The latest events, shows and travel destinations were tackled and regular features included top tips on favorite travel products from selected crew members. 
Best Onboard Snack Winner Business Class 2020 | SWISS
Retail inMotion partnered with Swiss International Air Lines and Globus Delicatessa to develop a world-class, premium short-haul Business Class concept, prepared daily at Globus downtown Geneva to ensure freshness. The product can be found aboard short-haul SWISS flights from and to Geneva. The meal experience leverages the strengths of the Globus brand, known for premium product sourcing and fresh selection. The menu is tailored specifically for airline handling and onboard culinary experience.  
Best Onboard Beverage Winner 2020 | SUN EXPRESS
Sprout Spoon is a multi-functional tea solution comprising a foldable spoon, tea bag and stirrer in one. To use it, all you have to do is unfold and brew it in hot water for a cup of delicious tea. After use, the ‘squeeze and drip-free function’ means no additional napkin is required. The product is served in a Sprout-branded recyclable paper cup. Sprout Spoon helps cut both costs and waste, and offers passengers an item that enables them to make a positive contribution to the world.
Best Sustainability Winner 2020 | SWISS
While developing ALPS, the Advanced Loading Planner for Swiss, we at retail inMotion used our IT knowledge and experience in operations to build a tool that decrease costs and increase passenger satisfaction. Based on data science algorithm and overseen by the operations team, ALPS is able to process thousands of consumption and missed consumption data to predict future consumption, thus enabling the airline to quickly respond to route changes, as well as modifications in customer behavior. 
Catering Innovation Winner 2020 | SUN EXPRESS
With ‘We Care’ the aim was to empower passengers to choose sustainable. ‘We Care’ is about offering an assortment of products with a sustainable character to the passengers. The ‘We Care’ pages included the following products: Spout Tea Spoon and Sprout Pencil, The Kind Company Power Balm, Barilla Maccheroni Tomato & Basil and nucao’s Cashew Vanilla Chocolate Bar. Each product or company included in ‘We Care’ has a strong focus on sustainability.

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From 27 million in 2013, to 252 million in 2020

Retail inMotion achieved the fastest growth of any airline tachnology company worldwide

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Over 40 airlines globally trust Retail inMotion

Our People

At Retail inMotion we see the people as our biggest asset for the success of the company

Our people are our greatest asset. They are the ones
driving every part of our business. We are working hard to
become an employer of choice and already are industry
leaders in the Recruiting, Onboarding and Diversity
aspects of employment. Our People Mission is to Change
the Way People Experience Work. We do that by being the
best business partners and being known for caring and
having a genuinely ‘family first’ ethos. 

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