Professional Development as a .Net Developer

Everyone can say what they want and share their ideas, whether it’s their first day or they’ve been here for years. That’s what I like most about working at Retail inMotion.

I joined the RiM team as a .Net Developer in the summer of 2016. I’m originally from Rome and once I moved to Dublin, I started looking for jobs across the city’s IT scene. The IT team at Retail inMotion was a lot larger than the team I came from in Italy. The opportunity that comes along with that was one of the things that initially attracted me to the company.

Originally, I started as a .Net Developer on our “vPay” team. vPay is the module of Vector that processes all of the payments that crew members take on board. Working on that team was an interesting introduction into the company. Our vPay software has processed over a billion USD in sales for our customers. Since it deals with money directly and the information is extremely sensitive, it’s a team with a lot of responsibility – and it was a great part of my journey at RiM.

Today I’m a Team Lead on for the “vRec” module of Retail inMotion’s software suite. I really enjoy working and leading this team because it’s more comprehensive and complex than my previous role.  The vRec team needs to have a broader view of our IT solution because the module involves other parts of the Vector software. We also have a lot of contact with our customers’ finance teams. More than 100,000 crew members use our devices, so there’s a lot of commission to process!

A unique thing about Retail inMotion is that each of the IT teams in our IT department is different, so there’s always something new that you can learn about the system. We’ve got a goal to do a ton of innovation and technical improvements this year on our IT side. I think that Retail inMotion’s quick expansion is one thing in particular that makes the company attractive for people looking for a new position. There’s room to be creative, bold and expand your skills with the company.

If you’re looking for a challenge and want to work somewhere where you can make a difference, the Retail inMotion team might be right for you. We’re working on some major innovation projects and have big plans to hire even more developers. That means that there are a lot of interesting positions and areas to work in and a big opportunity to grow professionally.

Giacomo Tomolillo is a Team Lead on our vRec development team. Giacomo and his team manage the Retail inMotion software module that handles reconciliation and processes crew commission for airlines. As a team lead, coach, trainer, and blog writer, Giacomo is a man with many hats.