World Food Day 2019: Join share on the front lines of the fight against hunger

People from around the world come together today to celebrate World Food Day, one of the most beloved days of the United Nations’ calendar and declare their commitment to eradicate worldwide hunger.

This year, World Food Day zooms in on the second Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) – Zero Hunger, with a focus on Healthy Diets.

To celebrate World Food Day, the Berlin-based start-up “share” has committed to donate half a million portions of food in 10 days. As part of this campaign, passengers aboard Eurowings continental and intercontinental flights with departure from Düsseldorf will receive a share bar and a flyer once they reach their final destination. The flyer attests the fact that for each bar given away, share will donate one portion of food to a person in need. The start-up has committed to donating 25,000 share bars to Eurowings passengers in order to raise awareness about their mission.

“We brought both share and ShareTheMeal to life in order to enable people to fight world hunger in their everyday life,” Sebastian Stricker, CEO of share said.  “On this year’s World Food Day, we want to make a mark for #ZeroHunger and provide half a million portions of food in only ten days. Together with strong partners such as Eurowings and Retail inMotion, we are confident that we have the power to reach enough people and achieve our goal.”

The collaboration between share and Retail inMotion’s Buy on Board (BoB) program at Eurowings started in mid-2019, when their water bottle was included on the menu. The partnership will reach its next stage in November 2019, with the introduction of share’s mineral water (medium).

share supports international water projects together with Retail inMotion and German airline Eurowings. A portion of the proceeds is used to build two wells in Kamprak Village in northern Cambodia, which provides around 200 people with clean water on a daily basis. As of next month, share will support two new water projects: one in Liberia, where they repair wells and another one in Kenya, where they rehabilitate pipe systems and hand pumps to offer clean water to school children.

If you’d like to check the status of your support and keep track of how and where it is being used — go ahead, enter your tracking code to see for yourself!

From November 1, the Retail inMotion Buy on Board water range available aboard Eurowings flights will consist entirely of recycled water bottles. share’s water bottles ensure maximum sustainability as they are produced entirely from recycled plastic.