We’re “officially” a Great Place to Work

If you have ever had the chance to visit Hangar57, you know that it’s a pretty special place to work. We’ve got a cool building, a funky team, an amazing on-site chef – and a compassionate, quirky culture to boot.

Naturally, it’s much easier to say you’re cool than to prove it. (In case you’re unsure about that, just ask your friend who always makes those duck faces in their profile pictures.) So, we set out to see how we stack up against other companies our size in Ireland, by participating in the Great Place to Work assessment.

The results are in and – drum roll, please – Retail inMotion has officially been recognized as a really great workplace in Ireland. In fact, we’ve been named the 20th best company to work for in the small company category. We are beyond thrilled to have been selected for such an honor.

The Great Place to Work organization uses employee surveys and a detailed culture audit to measure various indicators of a healthy, exciting and inclusive work environment, including: Credibility, Respect, Fairness, Pride and Camaraderie. We’re very proud that with a 99% response rate, our team here in Dublin has overwhelmingly reported a strong, positive feeling when coming to work every day. And that’s what we strive for – a workplace that is fun, challenging and empowering.

There you have it — the proof is in the pudding! What are you waiting for? Check out which open position could be your dream job, and keep following us online to stay up-to-date with what’s going on at Hangar57.