Vegan, veggie, and gluten-free, that sounds mighty good to me!

The Products inMotion team at Retail inMotion are constantly watching food trends across the globe to understand how consumer tastes are changing. That’s how we’re able to work so closely with our customers to advise them on the best and newest trends for their onboard retail programs. One major trend that we see developing in the market and becoming very popular with our clients is healthy, “free-from” meals and snacks – whether that’s free from preservatives, meat free or gluten free.

In the past, many passengers viewed onboard food as somewhat of an indulgence, but our expectations for food both in the air and on the ground have started to change. Just 24% of younger people eat at mealtimes compared to 43% of over 65’s and younger people have many more snacking opportunities throughout the day.  In addition, 75% of us are “trying to be good” regarding our food choices. At Retail inMotion, we want to support our airline customers to offer the healthy, ecologically responsible and delicious meals that their passengers are asking for on board.

Does all of this mean that millennials are killing another industry – this time traditional food and beverage products of onboard retail?  Actually, no.  But passengers and consumers across the board are becoming more mindful about what they’re eating. Healthy food trends are driving new product development in the food and beverage industry.  People are looking for healthier or better-for-you versions of the snacks they love to eat, and refuse to compromise on taste or quality.

At the same time, more people are choosing to reduce their meat intake or go vegan altogether. We still want delicious, decadent treats, but we want them to be better for our bodies than they used to be. We’ve embraced healthy food trends at Retail inMotion and have built a great portfolio of better-for-you and healthier products.

Don’t fear – your classic snack categories are here to stay, but the whole mix of products on board is becoming more ecologically-responsible and deliciously diverse. Vegan, veggie, and gluten-free, that sounds mighty good to me!