SWISS Saveurs To Go is here!

As part of SWISS’ efforts to reduce food waste, the airline collaborated with Retail inMotion to launch a new initiative. As of April 20th, passengers on the last inbound flight have the option to purchase unsold fresh products at a reduced price.

All products that have not been sold during the day will be available “to go” for a fixed price of 4.- CHF, which represents a discount between 42% and 65%, depending on the product. Here’s how the “SWISS Saveurs To Go” concept works: the service is announced by crew 35 – 30  minutes prior to landing; they place the leftover fresh products in paper bags, with one or two products included in each bag. The passengers have the option to purchase a bag of one or two “surprise products”, which means they don’t know what the bags contain.

If an aircraft is doing one rotation, the inbound flight will include the “To Go” concept. If it’s doing two rotations, only the last inbound flight will have the “To Go” service. In the second scenario, fresh food can be recycled from the first rotation to the second.

Thanks to Retail inMotion’s user-friendly vPOS system, the button to sell “To Go Prices” is visible only on inbound flights, never on outbound, thus avoiding misuse. To ensure that the “To Go” sales will not increase future loadings, our load planner will not consider these sales for fresh food calculation. The goal of the “To Go” concept is solely to reduce food waste, not to potentially create more waste.

The test flights we carried out in August and October 2021 showed waste reduction between 20% and 50% in flights with leftovers. Passengers aboard test flights expressed curiosity, interest, and enthusiasm, and congratulated us for the initiative.

“What’s even more exciting than giving unsold fresh products from one rotation to the other a second chance is offering passengers the option to purchase fresh products at a great price, while preventing food waste,” explained Julia Amadio, Senior Operations Manager at Retail inMotion. “The crew is also delighted to embark on this new chapter of onboard retail, and they have been very supportive of initiatives regarding food waste. We welcome the crew’s involvement and motivation to bring this project to fruition.”

Thank you for supporting our efforts to reduce food waste!




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