SunExpress Catalogue Winter 2019/2020: Sun-Café and Sun-Shop, together at last!

Crack open the bubbly! The SunExpress Catalogue Winter 2019/2020 represents an important milestone for Retail inMotion and SunExpress, as this is the first time that Sun-Café and Sun-Shop have been merged into one catalogue. Moreover, this edition is marked with the “30 years SunExpress” branding and includes many special deals and other promotions to celebrate the 30th anniversary on board SunExpress flights during winter (read more about it here). 

But that’s not all! There are also three new product categories that will increase inflight customer satisfaction. “We Care” is one of these new categories, which offers the passenger an assortment of sustainable products which have been exclusively selected to greatly match SunExpress’ SunStainability initiative.    

Now let’s talk about all the latest and greatest!


Guests onboard of SunExpress flights can enjoy a cup of tea and save the environment with every sip. How’s that possible, you may ask? SunExpress and Retail inMotion are offering a sustainable alternative to plastic spoons and stirrers. Meet Sprout Spoon, a 100% biodegradable spoon and tea bag in one. All you have to do is unfold and brew it in hot water for a cup of delicious tea. Plus, all the aspects of this revolutionary tea spoon are designed to leave no trace on the environment as the product is fully biodegradable. Sprout Spoon is offered exclusively on SunExpress flights out of Germany.

The Buy-on-Board menu also includes many other products that are part of the SunStainability initiative, such as Barilla pasta – the company is also dedicated to sustainability – and nucao’s Cashew Vanilla Chocolate Bar. This organic, vegan and gluten-free chocolate bar is full of natural nutritious hemp seeds and nuts and is sweetened with a tiny bit of coconut blossom nectar. The company contributes to decreasing the plastic epidemic by using plastic-free packaging. What’s more, for every bar sold, one tree is planted in collaboration with “Eden Reforestation Projects.” To date, nucao have planted over half a million trees, an activity which makes a real difference to climate change.

On a lighter note, guests can also order an authentic tapas dish, which not only tastes delicious, but is also halal certified. The tapas platter consists of cheese, meat, crackers and olives. This dish can be enjoyed as a deal with a glass of wine to round it off perfectly.

Speaking of new and authentic products, passengers aboard SunExpress flights can now enjoy a fresh Simit filled with Sucuk sausage and Gouda cheese.

And, since cold weather calls for a mug of something hot, why not try a new Retail inMotion product, Saile & Sabga hot chocolate? This hot chocolate will enrich your holidays!


The SunStainability initiative also includes a couple of new Boutique products, namely Sprout Pencil and Kind Company Power Balm. Sprout Pencil, just like Sprout Spoon, is all about sustainability; it can grow into fragrant herbs, luscious flowers, or even fresh vegetables. This product comes with a mindfulness coloring book to help you relax (yes, adult coloring can actually relax your brain) and, when you’re done coloring, you can plant the pencil and it will grow into a lavender, mint or basil plant!

Winter is coming so you’ll need a good lip balm. We’ve got the perfect one for you, and it has a sustainability twist. Kind Company Power Balm is an organic, natural, environment-friendly and vegan lip balm that’s not tested on animals. This product is made of organic Red Palm oil, plant oils, vegan wax, and an uplifting aromatherapy blend of nine super ingredients famous for their skin-loving nutrients. In addition, the company donates 5% of its proceeds to supporting people and the environment in Africa.

Last but not least, if you are looking for somewhere to escape the winter chill, you’ll need a pair of sunglasses. The Izipizi unisex sunglasses combine quality and style with high comfort and lightness. They can be folded up and packed away in the smallest handbag or shirt pocket and, more importantly, they provide 100% UV protection.

The shopping holiday can be such a handful, so why not scope out sales early to beat the rush? SunExpress’ Boutique magazine for the cold season has plenty of holiday deals to help passengers get a head start.