RiM is RiM is RiM

Retail and innovation are at the heart of everything we do at Retail inMotion. We take pride in our “retail mindset” and the flexibility and passion with which we create solutions for our customers. It’s that vivacious retail mindset that really sets our company apart.

As we’ve been growing so quickly over the past several years, our Human Resources team has worked tirelessly to define and describe our culture and the special things that make us “RiM”. (Read more here) It’s been our goal to make sure that no matter where Retail inMotion operates, our customers can trust in the same values, ambition and quirky culture that make us unique.

One way that we’re putting pen to paper to ensure this is a reality is through our Retail Training Academy. This training program is designed to bring in regional team members who are new to Retail inMotion and help them really understand the business and how we operate. Upon completing the extensive six-month training, the participants not only have the complete knowledge they need to grow and expand Retail inMotion in their regions, but they’re also equipped to serve as “culture ambassadors” for our regional offices.

Johnnie Ng from Hong Kong is a current “trainee” in the Retail Academy:

“So far I’ve been in the Retail Academy at Hangar57 for about two weeks. It’s a great opportunity to be starting this program and getting an in-depth view into how the team works together at the Dublin headquarters. Overall, my goal is to get a comprehensive understanding of how Retail inMotion uses their expertise to develop, implement and maintain world-class onboard retail programs for our global customers so that I can take that knowledge back to my position in our Asia-Pacific region.”

Stephanie Brady, Head of HR at Retail inMotion, commented: “We’re delighted to officially introduce this training for new people joining the Retail inMotion family from regional offices. Our culture is so important and we want to make sure that RiM is RiM is RiM – no matter where our office is located.”