Why RiM Believes in Flexibility

Here at Retail inMotion we are having quite the baby boom, last week we welcomed another new RiM baby…

I’m especially delighted that our colleague will take as much maternity leave as she would like. She will be welcomed back  with special accommodation for one of life’s most important roles – being a parent.

As a parent and human resources enthusiast, it makes me doubly proud to have the full support and alignment of our management team on this idea.

In fact, her boss was particularly concerned that I speak to her and let her know how flexible we can be on her return. She is a great talent and we want to keep assets like her in the business.

To grow and keep our talent in Retail inMotion, both male and female, we have to be creative. We expect a lot, as we are a rapidly growing company. Our aim is to make our employees know that they will get our support when they need it.

A testament to this is that one of our part-time employees sent me an article about flexible working and suggested that we talk about it more often. She sees so many examples of our policy working well here.

We also realize that there are many types of families and family demands, and we try to be as accommodating as possible. We listen and are open to suggestions and ideas on how to accommodate our employees.

We work very hard in RiM, but we recognize the need for balance and flexibility so that when you come in to work, you are happy, relaxed and, consequently, more creative and productive. In our Great Place to Work results we got a high score in “I can take time off from work when I think it is necessary” – 91% .

We have a flexi time policy, generous holiday policy and we make sure that all employees get as much support around family requirements as possible, but more importantly we have a great ethos to support these policies.