From the River to the Skies

Choosing products for an airline’s onboard retail program is often a question of branding. At Retail inMotion, we know exactly the types of items that people want to purchase on board and can leverage those product categories to select the coolest and most interesting product brands that support an airline’s overall branding goals. We are doing this very thing with at the moment with our customer Eurowings.

Our team in Cologne, Germany, started working closely with Eurowings last August to bring new start-up products and super trendy items on board Eurowings’ flights to help underpin their hip and trendy service offering. This has manifested itself in several ways since last year – including the implementation of a partnership between ourselves, Eurowings and NX-Food, the innovation hub of METRO AG (read more about that here). Another major way that we’re helping innovation take flight for Eurowings is through their new coffee brand on board – Public Coffee Roasters.

Public Coffee Roasters (PCR) is a local Hamburg-based coffee brand that fits to the innovative spirit of Eurowings. Their coffee is responsibly sourced, handpicked for the highest quality, comes from small-batch farmers and is hand-roasted in Germany on the Elbe river.

So, how did we find such a cool and socially responsible brand? Our team knew that choosing a German coffee roaster was the best way to support Eurowings’ brand – so we researched more than 20 different German coffee companies and narrowed our search down to a few finalists based on the company’s ability to meet supply chain needs and our very high quality standards. Then came the fun part – the tasting! Together with Eurowings, our team tasted out the various coffees. Imagine sitting around in a room full of people, commenting on the robustness of flavours found in each coffee blend. It was a hipster’s dream session!

In perfect harmony with the care taken to select the coffee beans, the warm beverage is freshly brewed on board within passengers’ cups. By using our proprietary SUPRlid design, passengers can enjoy a truly handcrafted, local coffee shop experience when they fly with Eurowings. The SUPRlid has a built-in strainer that transforms passengers’ cups into in-cup brew pots. Hot water is added directly to the fresh, ground coffee in passengers’ cups and, once it steeps, they can enjoy the freshest, most flavourful coffee on board.

The whole experience is revolutionary. Very trendy, very cool.