Retail inMotion Life: A look inside our Dallas office

Retail inMotion has offices in 14 locations around the world and we are proud of our cultural diversity. We strongly believe that diversity is one of our key strengths – it allows us to have unique experiences and build strong relationships with our customers. 

Today, we’re putting a spotlight on the Onboard Retail team from North America – we’re dedicating this entire week to bringing you the latest OBR-related news from this region, as well as a couple of interesting facts and partnership essentials.

Our journey in the North American market began a while ago; in 2012, when we developed the first Android ePOS for the airline industry for American Airlines. Two years later, we started working with Spirit Airlines to manage their fully-outsourced onboard retail program and that contract got renewed in 2018.

Our office in Grapevine, Texas was opened in 2017 (read more about this here) to allow Retail inMotion North America to continue tapping into this major travel market. Our presence in Texas remains an enthusiastic statement to customers and competitors alike that our work toward becoming a major player across the pond continues.

Meet the OBR team:

Did we mention we have a nice & cozy café and gym?

PS: Earlier this year, we gave you a virtual tour of our office in São Paulo. For those of you who haven’t read the article yet, you can find it here.