Happy International Mother Language Day! Zooming in on Retail inMotion’s linguistic diversity

At Retail inMotion, we have offices across the globe and we are very proud of our diversity. We recently celebrated our cultural diversity but since today is International Mother Language Day, we’d like to honour Retail inMotion’s linguistic diversity. You don’t need to look further than our headquarters in Dublin to see that we’re an incredibly diverse company. In just Dublin alone, we proudly represent 25 nationalities. In our Cologne office, we celebrate five different mother languages, in Abu Dhabi seven, in Switzerland, Dallas and UK two each and in Malaysia one.

Just to give you a couple of examples, in our Abu Dhabi office, we have the following nationalities: German, Egyptian, Indian, Spanish, English, Irish and Kenyan. The Onboard Retail (OBR) Europe team speaks a total of 15 different languages (including Korean, Turkish, Hindi, Japanese, Azerbaijani and Dutch, to name a few), plus a Colognian dialect and Latin, if you really want to zoom in on our employees’ skills J.

RiMers in our São Paulo office speak Spanish and Portuguese, while our office in Dallas proudly represents five nationalities.

We strongly believe that diversity is one of our key strengths – it allows us to have unique experiences and build strong relationships with our customers. Our people love the diversity, too. The results of a recent survey we held to help us attract and hire the best persona for RiM emphasize exactly that.

“The people drive the culture. Whether it’s social events or even lunch times, people are always seen mixing between teams, departments and seniority levels.”

Stephanie Brady, Head of Global HR for Retail inMotion, agrees with that statement and argues that “we are a very diverse company by choice, we have always recognised that both cultural and cognitive diversity create an amazing environment for innovation and collaboration.”

“Diversity isn’t just about colour, religion or LGBT status, it’s also about age, seniority and function,” she added. “The healthiest place to work is one where you can bring the best you to work, where you don’t have to dress in some corporate identity to be accepted. As we grow, it’s been harder to demonstrate that we have zero tolerance for any type of bigotry, or hierarchical snobbery except by stating it plainly whenever I get the opportunity. However, with the relaunch of our company values, we have plans to be much more tangible from the point of interview onwards for what we stand for in RiM!”

PS: Our videos are not the only ones with a diversity flavour! Our chef Alan often celebrates national days (with tasty recipes!) in our kitchen in Dublin!