#ADayInTheLife SPECIAL: Putting the spotlight on Retail inMotion’s new Mission, Vision and Values

You’re familiar with Retail inMotion’s culture and work environment (to refresh your memory, read this article), but have you ever wondered what’s it really like to work here? 

We recently launched a new series called #ADayInTheLife, in which we invite RiM employees to tell us more about how they approach their work day, from managing their time, to work-life balance, to their hobbies. After all, what better way to showcase our workplace diversity than to get them to walk us through an average day? Check out the first interviews here, here and here.

In this special edition of the #ADayInTheLife series, Stephanie Brady, Head of Global HR for Retail inMotion, tells us more about the relaunch of our Mission, Vision and Values. 

NameStephanie Brady
PositionHead of Global HR 
LocationDublin, Ireland
Team SizeHR & Office team: 7
ExperienceIn HR, 16 years. Before my career in HR, I worked in Retail Management for many years.

Describe your typical work day

My official job title is Head of HR; however, I have never liked the “Resources” part of the title. Our recent relaunch of Retail inMotion Mission, Vision and Values has given me the opportunity to change the name of our department. More on that later!

I have worked here for nearly seven years. What keeps me energised and motivated is the growth and incredible changes we have seen in Retail inMotion. It brings so many challenges and I just love challenges! The other thing is that I get to go on this exciting journey with amazing people. I work with so many people who have RiM right in their hearts, it’s unlike anywhere I have worked before in that sense. So many of our people care so much about what we do and how we do it.

Our Mission, Vision and Values were created by all our global teams and were launched globally, too.

That pace of growth can take its toll though, sometimes it’s hard to keep motivated when the challenge is so high. This is why our Mission, Vision and Values relaunch was vital. We always had these, but they weren’t in our DNA. We needed to give all our people a clear North Star to aim for and guiding Visions and Values to help get them there. A sense of community and togetherness can be fostered when we all speak the same language. Purpose and meaning are some of the most powerful motivators there are.

Mission, Vision and Values relaunch: What’s next

We launched with parties in Dublin, Cologne, Latin America, Dallas and Abu Dhabi. Our Mission, Vision and Values were created by all our global teams and were launched globally, too. This was a first for RiM, yet I have already seen the differences in how much closer the global teams feel to the Dublin head office as we have been including them in workshops both creating the values and bringing the Mission to Life.

This Mission, Vision and Values project is a marathon, not a sprint. To really bring “fluffy” concepts alive we need to constantly show our people how to live them using training, role modelling and storytelling. To add to this, we have renamed the HR Team to the People Success Department. This is because our mission is to “Change the Way People Experience Work”, by enabling our Vision “To be the best Business Partners”.

It’s a very exciting time for Retail inMotion. I have a feeling I will still be saying this in another seven years!