#ADayInTheLife: How design fits into the soul of Retail inMotion’s brand

We hope you’re enjoying our #ADayInTheLife series!

If you’re new to the series, here’s what you need to know: we’re asking employees from various departments to tell us more about how they approach their work day, from managing their time, to work-life balance, to their hobbies. After all, what better way to showcase our workplace diversity than to get them to walk us through an average day?

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NameKerrie Walsh
PositionLead Designer at Retail inMotion
LocationDublin, Ireland
Team Size6
Experience13 years + as Graphic Designer


I am from Dublin, Ireland, and I am a mother to an amazing 5-year old daughter. I have been working as a designer for Retail inMotion in Dublin for 10 years now.

I studied fine arts before moving onto studying visual communications, so generally I am a creative person who would only ever be professionally happy working in a creative role.

Describe your typical work day

As a lead/senior designer, my role consists of many things. Projects can include: branding, all corporate-related design elements such as posters, display graphics, info graphics, presentations, packaging design, brochures, design for exhibition spaces, and generally anything that needs to be printed.

Design for screen projects include eMarketing, websites and motion graphics. I also help maintain the company website. I help colleagues to physically create their visions for their projects.

Client wise, I am lead designer for one of our biggest clients. For this part of my role, I design our food menus for the client and manage and art direct our photo shoots for them. I create crew posters, screen visuals and basically whatever else the client may need in relation to our service for them. On occasion, we develop new products for our clients, so I help create new packaging ranges. I continuously work very closely with our Products team for this client and together we have built a strong relationship with them.

I am normally in the middle of some project with a looming deadline. Schedule is everything to a designer and once I log on in the morning daily, I consult my project list to see where I am and what’s next etc. On occasion, an urgent request will arise and this is when we decide as a team who can help out. The design team meet weekly to go through our projects list.

What makes your job exciting?

Design in itself is exciting as it normally means the creation of something new. I love the diversity in projects that arise in Retail inMotion. You never know what project may appear next in our ticketing system in Jira. Some colleagues have fantastic imaginations and it can be fun and exciting to help bring these ideas to fruition. 

A big highlight is when a menu you have spent months working on goes to print, goes live, and then you receive great feedback from the client, especially when you hear about the increase in sales of particular products onboard. Very satisfying as you know you are doing your job correctly.

What is the most rewarding part of your job?

Good colleague and client relationships and knowing the client puts trust in your capabilities.


Outside of work, spending time with my little girl means everything to me. I love to paint although I don’t always get the time. And I enjoy having time off (who doesn’t) to spend with my family and visit places.

I also help my nephew out with his charitable campaign that he launched with his dad for Motor Neurone Disease