#ADayInTheLife SPECIAL: What makes Retail inMotion a “Great Place to Work”

We hope you’re enjoying our #ADayInTheLife series!

If you’re new to the series, here’s what you need to know: we’re asking employees from various departments to tell us more about how they approach their work day, from managing their time, to work-life balance, to their hobbies. After all, what better way to showcase our workplace diversity than to get them to walk us through an average day?

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My name is Carolyn Himperich and I have been working at Retail inMotion since April 2018.

Over the past years, Retail inMotion has experienced major growth both with regard to our customer base, and the number of employees who have joined us. We have become a multicultural and dynamic company.

In my role as Process and Project Manager, my mission is to contribute to the maturing process of Retail inMotion by working on measures towards increased efficiency and effectiveness.

Over the past couple of years, my team has been setting up a process management system for the company. It was very important for us to adopt an approach to match the young and vibrant character of the company. Therefore, in addition to documenting our standard processes, we also used process management to support our colleagues in different areas to work on best practices, transparency, and enhanced collaboration.

As our Head of Onboard Retail Europe (José Lirio Silva) put it in the interview we did to celebrate Retail inMotion GmbH being named a “Great Place to Work” in Germany in 2020, we “try to make their day-to-day as convenient as possible, as we know that they go the extra mile daily for the company”.

Describe your typical work day

Since day one, I found myself in an unmatched inclusive and fun company. From the beginning, my colleagues took time from their busy schedules to help me understand their work and get to know each one of them. We all work together to proactively shape our business.

As part of the Cologne office, one of my tasks last year was to complete the cultural audit and coordinate the survey for “Great Place to Work Germany” (link in German). I am proud to say that the German branch of Retail inMotion has been named “Great Place to Work 2020”. This win reflects our culture and the strong bond between our employees based in Frankfurt and Cologne. We are all proud to be part of this company and take responsibility in contributing to the continuous success of Retail inMotion.

In return, the company continuously invests in our development and promotes the celebration of achievements and our community. The actions of our colleagues speak for themselves, as they sometimes postpone private appointments or even vacations, where possible, to participate in various activities and events taking place throughout the year.

This photo was taken at our team offsite in Tiel, the Netherlands in September 2019.

I love my job as no day is like another and I get to shape my own area of work and collaborate with colleagues from different departments and regions within the company.