Retail inMotion Hires 100th Person in IT

Meet: Haibo. He’s one of the latest .NET Developers to join our IT team! In fact, he’s a pretty special addition, because he is officially the 100th full-fledged tech employee that we’ve hired at Retail inMotion – a huge milestone for us!

Retail inMotion is growing fast. This time last year we had only around 65 people on our innovative, fun and quirky IT team. With our technology client base blooming to more than 40 airlines last year, we’re all hands on deck – and we’ve got a lot more of those hands, too!

So, what do all of these ambitious, friendly, problem-solving tech people work on? Well, it’s Vector, of course!

Vector, our proprietary onboard retail management software, is an end-to-end suite that is constantly evolving and improving. Vector has the capability to manage each part of the onboard retail process, from warehouse and inventory management to onboard sales and payment processing all the way through to crew commission and tax reconciliation.

To read more about our cutting-edge technology, look no further than here: