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In Focus: International Day of Families

amilies come in many shapes and sizes. Family dynamics and challenges can be relatively simple or complex. There is literally not one-size-fits-all and I would love to dispel the thinking that, as a business, we only consider families with a traditional mum, dad and kids.

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Retail inMotion launches fertility policy

n order to best support employees who are navigating in vitro fertilization (IVF), Retail inMotion is launching a fertility policy aimed at protecting and covering employees for time off, promotion and pay review opportunities, privacy and support – all regardless of the length of treatment.

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[ INTERVIEW ] The making of a new onboard retail concept: Part 1

We talked to Nicole Beckers and Claudia Witt, Team Leads Retail Program Management at Retail inMotion, about the concept behind the Lufthansa Group’s new culinary offers, the implications of implementing a project virtually due to pandemic-induced constraints, the processes, priorities, and more.

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