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The latest updates from the world of onboard retail.
Gabriela Micu-MotrocOct 16th 2020

On this World Food Day, we celebrate our #FoodHeroes

Gabriela Micu-MotrocSep 8th 2020

[INTERVIEW] The evolution of onboard retail

Gabriela Micu-MotrocAug 28th 2020

The Future of Inflight Catering: How COVID-19 is accelerating innovation

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJul 10th 2020

#ADayInTheLife: Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Food & Beverage Category Manager for Onboard Retail?

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJul 7th 2020

Turning food & beverage trends into onboard retail reality

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJul 1st 2020

Several Retail inMotion fresh food suppliers boost hygiene standards during COVID-19

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJun 25th 2020

The next step in the onboard retail experience: OBR LITE takes off

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJun 24th 2020

Post-COVID-19 operations: Retail inMotion’s Onboard Retail team adopts innovative solutions to boost onboard retail experience

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJun 23rd 2020

Retail inMotion and design partner Identity receive Hermes Award for Lifestyle Shopping Guide “Vibe”

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJun 17th 2020

A safe return of the inflight retail experience: How Retail inMotion is using tech to help tackle COVID-19

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJun 16th 2020

Post COVID-19 operations: An inside look at Retail inMotion’s plans for the ‘new normal’

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJun 5th 2020

Retail inMotion and SWISS receive Onboard Hospitality Awards for “Globus Business Class Meal Concept” and “SWISS-ALPS”

Gabriela Micu-MotrocApr 3rd 2020

Retail inMotion and SunExpress win „Best Onboard Beverage” at 2020 Onboard Hospitality Awards

Gabriela Micu-MotrocApr 1st 2020

Retail inMotion and SunExpress win “Catering Innovation of the Year” at 2020 Onboard Hospitality Awards

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