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Gabriela Micu-MotrocMay 5th 2021

#ADayInTheLife: What does a Sustainability Manager do?

Gabriela Micu-MotrocApr 23rd 2021

#ADayInTheLife: Onboarding from a new employee's perspective

Gabriela Micu-MotrocMar 31st 2021

#ADayInTheLife: How Retail inMotion is building an innovative employee onboarding process

Gabriela Micu-MotrocMar 24th 2021

#ADayInTheLife: Retail inMotion’s Head of Onboard Retail discusses how to foster innovation through a diverse workforce

Gabriela Micu-MotrocMar 8th 2021

Happy International Women’s Day!

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJul 10th 2020

#ADayInTheLife: Ever wondered what it’s like to be a Food & Beverage Category Manager for Onboard Retail?

Gabriela Micu-MotrocMar 20th 2020

#ADayInTheLife SPECIAL: What makes Retail inMotion a "Great Place to Work"

Gabriela Micu-MotrocMar 6th 2020

#ADayInTheLife: What does a Specialist in Onboard Retail Operations do?

Gabriela Micu-MotrocFeb 28th 2020

#ADayInTheLife: How design fits into the soul of Retail inMotion's brand

Gabriela Micu-MotrocFeb 21st 2020

Happy International Mother Language Day! Zooming in on Retail inMotion’s linguistic diversity

Gabriela Micu-MotrocFeb 7th 2020

#ADayInTheLife: Thriving in Retail inMotion's fast-paced, dynamic environment

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJan 31st 2020

#ADayInTheLife SPECIAL: Putting the spotlight on Retail inMotion's new Mission, Vision and Values

Gabriela Micu-MotrocJan 17th 2020

#ADayInTheLife: Ever wondered what it's like to be a Crew Engagement Manager?

Gabriela Micu-MotrocDec 20th 2019

#ADayInTheLife: Cora Culleton explains how Retail inMotion's culture shapes employee motivation

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