Our technology suite provides end-to-end functionality specifically designed to meet the supply chain and logistics management needs of airlines.

Order Management

Track and trace all of your orders in near real time

Vector Order Management System allows you to easily place orders and track-and-trace them as they progress through the supply chain from manufacturing, consolidation, shipment and receipt. The system allows you to manage all order-related documents, invoices, shipments and customs paperwork. Dashboards with real-time updates on order status ensure full visibility with detailed reporting and management functionality.

Warehouse Management

Always have access to the products your passengers want

Real-time stock and usage data provides new insights to match real demand with real-time supply.

Vector Warehouse Management System optimizes shipping costs using lean logistics and supply chain management.

The web-based system allows for real-time control of stock levels, stock values, and all elements of the product supply chain required for onboard retail.

Barset Packing

Getting your stock into trolleys and galleys

We specialize in the efficient and effective packing of products into trolleys and into the aircraft galley. By removing the need for manual paperwork in the packing process, our pick-and-pack touchscreen terminal saves you time and money by empowering your staff to better manage bond operations.

Predictive Load Planning

Optimize loadings and reduce wastage

Get the balance right between ensuring sufficient products are available for sale on board and minimizing food wastage. Our clever predictive load planner system uses historical data from flight sales, food wastage, passenger numbers and calendar information to reduce wastage and optimize loadings.

Galley Planning

Enhance the loading and balancing of your galley

Galley planning can be a meticulous and complicated part of your onboard logistics planning and a significant driver of successful inflight services. We provide technological support to enhance your galley planning, considering different aircraft types, weight and space restrictions.


Well-timed and accurate invoice processing

Take financial control of your onboard retail with timely and accurate processing of invoices. With proven integration with leading financial and ERP systems including SAP, Oracle and Navision, our accounts module provides Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable functionality for supply chain and order management.