Retail inMotion provides onboard entertainment, digital retail solutions as well as digital advertising. With its products and services portfolio, Retail inMotion helps to increase both passenger satisfaction and onboard ancillary revenue for airlines and train operators.
Integrated Media & Retail Platform

Integrated Media & Retail Platform

Develop a streamlined customer journey

Retail inMotion’s inflight entertainment solution features Hollywood and TV streaming content, newspapers & magazines as well as a retail shop and advertising. Our unique user experience design ensures a streamlined customer journey for complex transaction types onboard.

Increase passenger satisfaction and onboard ancillary revenue.

We provide both portable and installed IFE hardware.

Captivating Content

The perfect media mix for every flier

With digital delivery of Hollywood content, TV shows and newspapers & magazines to passengers, we bring you extensive ancillary revenue opportunities.

Captivating Content

Retail Marketplace

A personalized experience for every passenger

Retail inMotion’s marketplace offers enhanced product information on existing retail products.

We also work with retailers to expand the product range for delivery to home.

Passengers are tempted by digital merchandising sign posts such as Daily Deals, Gifts, Top 10, In Air Exclusives, and Trending Now.


Subtle advertising to boost your brand

We are leading the way with inflight advertising by working with a NASDAQ listed AdTech platform that specializes in global brand campaigns. By combining high-quality media content with video advertising that wraps around the content, this allows for a new ancillary revenue stream to be introduced without compromising the user experience.


Integration with vPOS

Entertainment meet Retail

Retail inMotion’s inflight entertainment solution is fully integrated with our vPOS technology, which means the crew know exactly when a passenger has placed an order to be processed and delivered.