Vector Onboard Retail Management Platform has the capability to manage the entire sales lifecycle, from new product development and supply chain to sales development and reporting. Scalable and customizable, the entire software suite is focused on maximizing onboard retail sales and is supported by a sector-specific ERP solution combined with a world class technology infrastructure.

Payments Processing

Safety and security with every transaction

Our PCI Certified Payment Gateway is a secure processing engine that allows you to administer onboard payments through the following channels;

  • Chip & Pin
  • Chip & Signature
  • Swipe
  • Contactless Payments

Additionally, our digital receipts platform maximizes efficiency onboard by allowing your passengers to retrieve their receipts post-flight.

We processed over  $1bn in credit card transactions in 2019.

Data Management

All core data at your fingertips

You can easily manage all of your core data with Vector, such as your menus, products, pricing and special offers, in one centralized back office administration system. A series of comprehensive reports can be generated, for example, Sales per Passenger, KPI’s and Crew Commission.

Sales & Inventory Reconciliation

Total transparency across sales, cash and stock

Vector provides the ability to compare and reconcile total sales with cash and credit card transactions and stock counts. Through our reconciliation reporting functions, you have total transparency of your onboard retail program and can easily identify and isolate discrepancies.

Data Analytics

Make data-driven decisions with our advanced analytics tool

A combination of business intelligence and predictive analytics give our customers tailored tools to be ready to fulfil their passenger’s requirements, adapt to new trends and the constant changes in the airline market.

We help our customers produce insights from the wealth of data that is captured during the onboard retail process.

Our platform provides a better perspective of what is happening in the business in a visually engaging way. Our drill-down capabilities allow our users to extract the detailed data, identifying issues, highlighting KPIs and focusing on areas of potential improvement with the focus on producing accessible and actionable insights.

Don’t just take our word for it.

Retail inMotion’s extensive experience in the retail space, coupled with a dynamic marketing and technical team, proved invaluable during the entire process that led to American Airlines selecting its long-term technology partner.
Charles Sucur, Inflight Manager, American Airlines

Standard Interface Suite

Easy integration to your existing IT infrastructure

Vector can be very easily integrated with your existing technology infrastructure. Our team has created a standard interface suite to allow you to take full advantage of the technology by providing integration links.

  • Booking Engines
  • Flight Schedules
  • Financial Systems
  • Customer Loyalty Systems
  • Airport Services
  • Catering Operations

Cash Office Management

Full control of your cash-handling process

Our Cash Office Management feature gives you full visibility and control of your end-to-end cash-handling process, from the point-of-sale inflight to depositing to the bank. The system checks all corresponding files and data to highlight any errors in cash counts and allows for double-checking and counting of cash.

Auditing & User Management

Track changes and stay in charge of your data

Access to the system can be controlled by a defined set of user roles with various levels of administrative access and rights. Vector contains a comprehensive audit trail of any changes and additions to system data. This particular module tracks which modifications have been made in the system and by which user. Additional clarity and transparency is achieved by allowing users to support any modifications with an explanation.