Our Saile & Sabga range of in-cup premium tea and instant coffee solutions.

Saile & Sabga

Extended Shelf Life

Our Saile & Sabga premium teas & instant coffee have a 12 month shelf life.

Gourmet Taste

Saile & Sagba – the gourmet brand that provides a rich and aromatic taste experience – delivering on taste and value.

Your Own Branding

Our in-cup hot drinks range can be reproduced in private label packaging.

Space Saving

Stackable cups for limited onboard galleys

We created our Saile & Sabga range to be an in-cup solution that maximizes space onboard. Our range of in-cup solutions uses a lower seal in the cup allowing more cups to be stacked together, maximizing limited space available onboard.


We only use the very best and ethical sourced ingredients


    Saile & Sabga Gourmet Hot Chocolate was selected as the most chocolatey and creamy hot chocolate in a blind taste test? Our Saile & Sabga range of in-cup hot drinks are perfect with a sweet treat.