Our Dylan & Domino range consists of beautifully prepared meals made with only natural ingredients and featuring an extended shelf life.

Dylan & Domino

Extended Shelf Life

Dylan & Domino meals have an extended shelf life of 26 weeks – with no refrigeration required.

Innovative Packaging

Our Dylan & Domino products come in easily distinguishable boxes to identify meal types that are easily stackable and packable.

Natural & Delicious

Our delicious Dylan & Domino range of meal favorites use only the best ingredients and includes a suitable vegetarian option.
Dylan & Domino

Extended Shelf Life

Delicious and long-lasting solutions

Our Dylan & Domino range of products is designed to minimize the risk of wastage on board whilst delivering delicious and tasty meals. Due to our ground-breaking technology, we are able to provide extended shelf life meal solutions for both travel retail and food service sectors.

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We only use the very best ingredients


    700,000 Dylan & Domino meals were sold in the last 12 months. That’s a lot of hungry passengers taken care of.