Mini crackers in 3 intense flavors – an excellent alternative salty snack which is perfect with a beer or glass of wine.

Crunch Crackers

Extended Shelf Life

Crunch Crackers have an extended shelf life of 52 weeks – perfect for minimizing the risk of wastage.

Distinct Branding

Crunch Crackers come in a distinguishable easily stackable and packable box with colorful branding.

Healthy Snack

Crunch Crackers are baked, not fried and contain less than 100 calories per mini bag.
Crunch Crackers

Great Snack Alternative

Mini crackers in intriguing and delicious flavors

We needed to find a salty snack that was an alternative to the standard offering of nuts and fried potato chips. We developed this product to catch the customer’s eye and engage their curiosity.

We researched what was currently available in this category and recent trends in salty snacks. After deciding on a concept, we worked with a leading manufacturer to create Crunch Crackers together. The product was uniquely designed to meet the specific requirements of the airline industry.

1 Pack – 3 Flavors

A salty snack with 3 intense flavors