At Retail inMotion, we understand that all demographics of passengers have different buying behaviors and varying demands for their inflight shopping experience. We offer all of our airline customers an expansive range of goods, covering luxury, premium, mid- and low-price brands and products. We follow an approach of creating a well-balanced range, complemented by airline-specific products and local brands to delight the customer on board.
International Duty Free Brands

International Brands

Global brands for the global traveler

At Retail inMotion, we have access to all of the internationally relevant brands. We realize that the airline industry, and the world, is growing more globalized by the day. That’s why we always scoure the market to ensure we are offering products that your international customers know and love.

Seasonal Products

Fly in style no matter the season

We are always looking for new additions to our product portfolio. We analyze trends and customize our selection for airlines to ensure they have the most sought-after products on board each season.

We are passionate about the products in our selection.

Whether it’s Christmas gifts or summer essentials, our product selection ensures that it’s always the right season to buy on board.

Seasonal Duty Free Products
Exclusive Duty Free Partnerships

Exclusive Partnerships

Products you won't find anywhere else

Inflight shopping is a unique experience, and we think that it should come with exclusive products that are unique to each airline.

We keep the shopping experience for your passengers surprising and exciting by adding niche brands, special editions and exclusivities.


Dramatic growth in onboard sales for Edelweiss with Retail inMotion

As the retail partner for Edelweiss, Switzerland's leading leisure travel airline, we manage all Boutique and Duty Free items sold onboard.

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