There are a lot of ways you can measure quality – and, when it comes to human interactions, even more ways that you can judge the quality of a person-to-person exchange. We sat down with Giulia Tumminelli from Retail inMotion’s Service Desk to find out how we provide “top” quality every time one of our customers calls in.

Thanks for taking the time to talk about what you guys are working on in the “Service Desk”. Actually, maybe that’s a good place to start – what do you and the rest of the team do?

That’s a great question. I think a lot of people hear the name “Service Desk” and think that we’re just an in-house “call center”. To some extent, that might be true – we do answer calls from our customers if they have any issues. However, it’s much more than that. We are a true Technical Support Team. Without the work that our team does, Retail inMotion wouldn’t be here. We’re the “front line” in interacting with our customers and their teams.

What does that mean exactly?

It means that if any end users of Vector, whether those are flight attendants or back office workers, run into any sort of issue or question while using our software, they call and talk to our team. We know all the “ins” and “outs” of the Vector software and we know the solutions that we provide for each of our customers. Retail inMotion works with 40 different airlines and the solutions we create for them can often be quite customized. Each customer also uses their own systems and processes internally, so we need to be familiar with those as well. It’s so important that our team knows all about our solutions so that we know exactly what to tell any customers if they call in.

So, how does it work when a customer calls Service Desk?

When a customer calls in, we always try to handle their request ASAP, within an hour. I’d say that is actually our biggest strength as a team – our very quick response time. We give them step-by-step solutions and try to help them understand the system and any issue they might be facing. The Service Desk also works as a go-between for customers and our IT developers in case they need to be involved.

What does it mean to you to provide “high quality” customer support for Retail inMotion’s customers?

Vector is a huge software suite. For new members of our support team, it can take them several weeks to really understand how everything works together. We spend a lot of time training new team members to make sure that we can provide the best service to our customers and explain solutions to them simply and effectively.  Beyond that, I think that giving extremely clear feedback and instructions are crucial. Everyone on our team speaks at least two languages, so we’re also usually able to give people support in their native tongue. Great customer service means explaining well, trying to understand customers’ situations completely and providing solutions ASAP in a kind and courteous way.

Giulia Tumminelli works on Retail inMotion’s Tech Support / Service Desk team as a “Interim Technical Support Team Manager”. That means she’s a Jedi Master in knowing how to solve any issue that a customer might have. She works day and night to make sure that Retail inMotion meets its goal to have the happiest customers with the happiest flight attendants.