Customer Story

Zurich, Switzerland

Project Date
2015 – Present

Dramatic growth in onboard sales for Edelweiss after partnering with Retail inMotion

Edelweiss is Switzerland’s leading leisure travel airline with more than 50 holiday destinations in 26 countries, serving 1.2 million passengers annually. Retail inMotion has been their fully outsourced retail partner for all boutique and duty free items since December 2015 – managing product selection, catalog creation, product loading, inventory management and last mile logistics.

increase in sales every year
increase in passenger spend
POS devices across the fleet

The Challenge

The challenge our team faced was to transform an underperforming Duty Free and Boutique retail program into a profit center for both Edelweiss and Retail inMotion. Additionally, we were given the mission to integrate Edelweiss’s existing onboard beverage program with the Retail inMotion vPOS devices.

It was clear from the start that there was a lack of enthusiasm caused by a non-optimized product mix. To get this project off the ground, Retail inMotion had to gain a profound understanding of the Edelweiss passenger. Our opportunity was to clearly identify the differences between our existing customer preferences and apply a product selection methodology that would appeal to the unique Swiss leisure customer.

Next, Retail inMotion had to set up a flawless operational delivery model that would support the airline’s existing complementary catering and onboard beverage services. Neither element could be negatively impacted.

Our Solution

Our category management team analyzed existing sales, identified the gaps, and filled them with high performing items. Next, the inflight magazine was redesigned to appeal to the unique Swiss leisure clientele. Along the way, the new vPOS device was configured to meet Edelweiss’s unique requirements.

Before the new product was packed in the trolleys, we created promotional materials to prepare and engage the crew for the new program. Their heightened anticipation was met with an extensive series of training initiatives that were developed by our team specifically for the Edelweiss crew.

The introduction of vPack into warehouse operations helped us to address our final challenge. The manual process of packing the containers was replaced by an automated data process allowing immediate access to outbound and inbound product quantities. This gave Retail inMotion and Edelweiss efficient transparency into the reconciliation of inventory and sales.


Retail inMotion’s Duty Free and Boutique program for Edelweiss has seen great results. Even so, our team never stop looking for ways to increase onboard sales and delight the passenger. We believe that we can generate additional sales through dynamic loading principles by focusing on further streamlining of processes and product mix.

With extensive customer insight, we were able to put the right product mix on board for Edelweiss passengers. By outsourcing to Retail inMotion, Edelweiss has seen a significant increase in sales across the board.
– Andre Bendig, Key Account Manager

Edelweiss are now looking at expanding the program to include pre-order products and home deliveries.