Customer Story

Zurich, Switzerland

Project Date
2015 – Present

Training Edelweiss cabin crew on a new range of inflight shopping products

Edelweiss is a leisure airline based in Zurich that is wholly owned by Swiss International Airlines and the Lufthansa Group. They have a fleet of 9 aircraft (6 A320’s, 2 A330’s and 1 A340) and serve more than 50 holiday destinations around the globe. Our team of award-winning trainers delivered a unique training experience to engage and motivate Edelweiss cabin crew to sell more.

The Challenge

Our challenge was to train up and excite a range of cabin crew on a new range of Inflight Shopping products and a new easy to use inflight shopping device.

Our Solution

A blended approach to learning in order to maximize the number of contacts with a wide range of crew. Our plan was to create a crew engagement strategy with posters, deliver a full color pocket guide for each crew member, airline branded manuals, familiarisation flights, crew roadshows, pre and post go live support in crew rooms and additional support when needed.

The Services Department Process
Our design and training teams work hand in hand when it comes to delivering crew engagement projects. Our trainers create the engaging content whilst our ever so fabulous designers create those eye catching posters, training guides, pocket guides and email newsletters that will pique the crews attention.

Our in house design team were quick to come up with some great concepts for posters that complimented the airlines branding. Furthermore they designed a very well detailed crew handbook that covered everything the crew needed to know. Additionally they also branded all the training material.

The Process
Initially we built up excitement with key messages to the cabin crew team via the airlines inflight managers, and a range of posters that changed weekly to create excitement. We wanted the crew to be asking questions well before the launch, and we wanted to excite them with their new vPOS inflight device!

Familiarisation Flights
Very early on we flew with the airline on 4 sectors (2 short and 2 medium haul flights) in order to understand their current processes. We wanted to make the transition as simple and easy for the crew as possible. Our trainers armed with their stop watches and inflight audit forms spent a lot of time inflight in the galley with the Edelweiss crew finding out exactly each process, what worked and what didn’t. Armed with this information our trainers could then create the new processes and training material for Edelweiss crew.

Crew Pocket Guide
Each crew member was given a full color pocket handy guide that was over 40 pages, yet fit in their pocket easily. Information such as: Quick reference guide for vPOS, Selling tips and product specification information was at their finger tips. The guide was well received by the cabin crew teams.

The training department gave full support to the Edelweiss inflight team for their major cabin crew roadshow. Here cabin crew were invited to come along and learn about the new vPOS and experience the new product range first hand.


An engaged work force that understands how to use their new system and follow processes, but also have a great understanding of the new inflight products that they are selling, and most importantly how to sell them!

I was really happy with the support provided, you guys have been reachable for me all the time. It was great you have been here early in the morning to support our crews right before leaving for their flight duty. Everybody involved appreciated that great support!
– Daniel Bayer, Manager of Inflight Sales, Edelweiss